Established in 1949, Polivac International is now one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of commercial cleaning equipment. Based on a philosophy of “increased productivity through intelligent design”, the range of cleaning equipment from Polivac includes carpet extraction machines, floor polishers and sanders, floor scrubbers, gas burnishers, and commercial backpack and canister vacuum cleaners.

Polivac developed the world’s first suction polisher 30 years ago, the PV25. Since then, the brand has constantly focused on research and development to produce unique cleaning products like the Shark long-nose floor scrubbing machine, an innovative oil-filled and sealed Polidrive gearbox, and a range of battery-powered cleaning machine models. In addition, Polivac gas burnishers are all based on the Closed Loop Engine Emission technology, which helps to monitor and minimize CO emissions to well below the declared Safe Work Australia standards.

Polivac cleaning equipment is designed to operate with maximum efficiency and be easy to use so as to reduce operator fatigue. Commercial cleaners also have a high regard for the Polivac carpet extractors and carpet cleaning machines - powerful, versatile machines that provide a deep clean finish for carpets, blinds, upholstery and car seats. The Predator series of carpet extractors are full-featured machines for small as well as large scale carpet cleaning, whereas the Terminator series is perfect for cleaning smaller areas or upholstery.

With ISO certified Polivac, you can be sure of having the highest quality of cleaning equipment for your workplace requirements. View our range today online at One Stop Cleaning Supplies or contact us on 1300 131 700 to discuss your specific requirements.

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