Peerless JAL is an Australian-owned and family run company, and an industry leader in hygienic cleaning systems and premium floor care solutions for the commercial, residential as well as industrial markets. The entity Peerless JAL was formed in 2003 as a merger between Peerless Emulsions, an iconic Australian company specialising in commercial cleaning products since 1947, and JAL Chemicals, a leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning chemicals. Since then, Peerless JAL has grown into one of Australia’s finest specialist suppliers that believes in providing effective and cost-efficient cleaning solutions to their partners.

Peerless cleaning products are specially formulated commercial solutions for specific purposes like floor care, surface disinfection, odour control, hand sanitisation, and so on. Some of the most popular cleaning products by Peerless include the Activ O concentrated spray and wipe cleaner, the S Clean surface sanitiser and cleaner, the Refresh liquid hand and body soap, the Vitality washroom maintainer liquid, and the Accent Musk disinfectant and deodorant.

Peerless cleaning supplies are also available in colour coded sets, so as to prevent cross contamination between different areas of the workplace. Today, Peerless cleaning products are being used across a range of different industries such as food processing, food and beverage preparation, healthcare, hospitality, child care, aged care, schools, colleges, and more.

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