When it comes to large scale cleaning operations, the best – and only – way to manage them successfully is by using automated cleaning solutions and professional cleaning machines. Nilfisk is a provider of a diverse range of premium cleaning products for professional use. Founded in Copenhagen in 1906, today Nilfisk is a global leader in commercial cleaning equipment. Even NASA have been using Nilfisk vacuum cleaners to remove harmful dust from space shuttles since 1969.

The primary product lines of Nilfisk include floor cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners and high pressure washers. Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are available in all kinds of styles – upright vacuum, dry vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner. You can also get specialised Nilfisk vacuum cleaners for industrial uses, such as vacuum for food and pharma industry, compressed air vacuum, three phase industrial vacuum cleaners, and so on. Amongst floor care equipment, popular Nilfisk products include scrubber dryers, sweepers, burnishers, carpet extractors, and combination machines.

Today, Nilfisk cleaning equipment is being used in multiple industries and spaces such as hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, airports, warehouses, supermarkets, factories etc. Nilfisk floor and surface cleaning equipment is designed to make facilities more sanitary and cleaning practices more productive. The environmentally-sound cleaning solutions by Nilfisk improve cleanliness with fewer chemicals and less labour expended.

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