Commercial Chicken Rotisseries

When it comes to cooking delicious and mouth-watering chicken that delivers unbeatable flavour every time, you can’t go wrong with a chicken rotisserie. A commercial grade chicken rotisserie machine is an ingenious type of cooking equipment that is designed to create mouth watering roast chicken that will keep your customers coming back for more. A commercial chicken rotisserie machine features large skewers that rotated the chicken near heating elements. Flick the switch, add some seasoning and your on your way to creating the best roast chicken in town.

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Commercial Chicken Rotisseries Key Benefits

Whether you’re catering for Sunday lunch in a hotel or putting together succulent speciality dishes for a restaurant, this unique piece of equipment has you covered. Rotisseries rotate the meat continually in order to provide even and consistent cooking on all sides, ensuring delicious meals that pair beautifully with the house wine. With this style of cooking, you can prepare tender chicken that is cooked to perfection with minimum shrinkage and weight loss. Not only does this mean more chicken for your customers, but it also leaves you with more product to sell. Depending on the size of the bird, our chicken rotisseries can fit up to 18 chickens at once. They are great for small to medium sized chicken outlets and large commercial venues.

Commercial Chicken Rotisseries Key Features

The fully enclosed case prevents air-borne matter from landing on the product inside and protects against accidents, making them safe to use and meeting hygiene standards. When looking for a chicken rotisserie, keep an eye out for features such as removable doors (for easy cleaning), a large grease door and sturdy construction materials (ideally stainless steel split body, spits and prongs). Whilst many different models exist, the most common types of commercial chicken rotisseries on the Australian market are either electric or gas powered. Not only do these units provide greater speed and efficiency, they also save a heap of time as well compared to the older style charcoal chicken rotisserie models that were popular many years ago.

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Browse our fabulous range of commercial-grade chicken rotisseries from Roband to discover high-quality equipment that is perfect for any chicken roasting application. If you are upgrading your commercial kitchen, you may also wish to explore our selection of donut machines - ideal for hitting that sweet spot after dinner.