Citrus Resources was introduced in 1992 as an all-natural, biodegradable range of commercial cleaning products that are all environmentally friendly. Many of the cleaning products from Citrus Resources are also approved by Good Environmental Choice Australia. For cleaning professionals that prefer using eco-friendly cleaning products, Citrus Resources is the brand of choice.

Citrus Resources cleaning products are all highly safe, highly biodegradable products that provide an alternative to chemical cleaning products without any compromise on performance or efficiency. Manufactured from harvested citrus crops and other plantation by-products, the range of cleaning products from Citrus Resources includes general purpose cleaners like the Squirt all-purpose spray cleaner, bathroom cleaners like Zest and Lencia, laundry and kitchen cleaners like Citrawash, handwash like Honeydew, and more. All the products are safe, sustainable and responsible, and yet powerful enough for commercial use.

The products from Citrus Resources are innovative, unique and effective. They are favoured by organisations that wish to lower their environmental impact, and can also be used well domestically wherever there is a demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly and safe cleaning products. Whether you choose Citrus Resources laundry products that are phosphate and chlorine-free, or their dishwash solution that is based on orange peel extracts, or even the multipurpose cleaner composed of vegetable-based detergents, you can be assured of a high quality of performance from Citrus Resources.

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